My Website About Anna’s Heart Journey

My website for Multimedia Applications is about my youngest sister Anna, and her heart journey. I chose this topic because my mom used to use a website called CarePages where she would update people on Anna while they were in the hospital or just at home. The website unfortunately shut down a few years ago, but they offered to print out the updates and the comments that went with them. My mom had so many updates from ten years, we have three, one inch books full of updates. I wanted to learn more about Anna, because my parents obviously didn’t tell me everything when I was five, and I’ve already learned so much about Anna. My mom originally called it Anna’s Heart Journey, but we’d soon find out that it was so much more than her heart. She stayed at the hospital so often it became like second nature for her to be there. Eventually everything began to blur together, what surgery was what, or which surgeon did what. I believe it’s been four years since Anna has spent a night in the hospital! Before she had her fifth heart surgery we’d be lucky to go a month without spending a night in the hospital. After all this time, I’m beginning to realize that I don’t remember very much about all the time she spent there.

I want people to be able to learn about Anna and what she has gone through. I also want to be able to quickly find out information about a certain stay when someone asks. I’m covering all of my mom’s updates and I’m hoping to add in stuff about Down syndrome, and her doctors, because like I said before they begin to blur together. I’ve gotten most three out of the five surgeries covered and I’m half way through the third one. I’ve also gotten most of 2007 typed up, I just have to put them on the website. There’s a lot more updates to do, it won’t be done anytime soon. It’s taking me longer than I expected, I didn’t realize how often my mom actually updated. Anna has meet so many people and she has touched so many people, and I want them to be able to stay up to date on her or even learn more about her.

*I’ll add the picture with my Ipad

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